After 20 years in Pioneer Square, Police Museum to Relocate

By Officer Jim Ritter, President-Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum

It is with great sadness that the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum has announced the closure of its Pioneer Square educational facility at 317 Third Avenue South, effective October 25, 2017.  After nearly 20 years at this location, we would like to thank our members, visitors, special guests, public officials and the SAMIS Land Company for a wonderful experience in the heart of Seattle’s historic district since 1997.

Although the closure of this location may open up new opportunities at a different locale, the Police Museum entity, and its mission in preserving police history and sharing our profession with the public remains an ongoing commitment.  The Police Museum off site Collections Management, Research and Fleet Restoration facilities remain fully operational.  We are also in the process of developing an enhanced website and a computerized inventory system to better share our vast collection of Seattle Police and King County Sheriff’s historical artifacts, documents, photos, and other assorted cultural and technological progression with our members and the public.

For the exception of the Police Museum’s physical relocation, nothing has changed.  The funding needed to potentially relocate, warehouse leases, restoration and maintenance of the museum’s historic fleet of police vehicles, publication of the upcoming history book, website design, expansion & maintenance, insurance, utilities and fuel costs will need funding on a continuum.

The sworn and civilian members of the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s office have always been the financial life blood of the police museum.  If it were not for their ongoing support, the museum concept would not have been possible.  Police Museum members are encouraged to continue their support the police museum through their ongoing payroll deduction donations.  For those who would like to become new museum members, they are encouraged to sign up by contacting me at:  The police museum is a 501c-3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

In 2017, police-community relations are at a critical point in history, and the police museum has always been an effective way to foster conversations through education, de-mystify the police and share our history with those who are open to learning something new.

Thank you for your ongoing support.



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